Aarne-Thompson-Uther Type 310


We’re all maids in a tower now (I’ll be

Petrosinella – like Rapunzel but


empowered, with a handful of magic

acorns), locked inside four walls, unwashing


our hair, unshaving our armpits and legs,

loosening the casement once a day 


to throw bits of old bread to bemused birds, 

baking things we don’t intend to share. 


Men lurk meaningfully outside, sighing

for a woman’s touch; they fret their guitars,


scan their plague poems below our windows,

explain how the two-metre rule doesn’t mean


we’re not allowed to talk. Please, they beg.

Inside we sharpen scissors, cut our hair.

published as part of Stories in the Time of Covid-19 on MIROnline



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